Our Monthly Dinners

Taking SA to the World (esp Asia)

At each of our dinners we encourage people to arrive early before formalities start @ 7.15 and leave late after the proceedings conclude @ 9.30 pm - taking the opportunity to meet others and explore opportunities to collaborate in some way around our stated purpose of driving SA forward..

To stumilate that we we have a regular format which allows us to give people doing big bold things a chance to talk about what they do and for our regulars to take part in panels and to present their story and the benefits they are getting from attending in the past

Our theme for 2019 - Taking SA  to the World (esp Asia) 

DINNER 16.0 | 3/07

The Presentation

Carl Hammerschmidt - CEO of property tech disrupter Houseandland.com.au

Digital Executive, Innovation and Business Transformation Specialist

He will cover the way in which digital technology has lead to 'the great unbundling' of many different markets - media, real estate, personal finance etc.

Former Bauer Media digital boss, Carl Hammerschmidt, was appointed CEO of property finance technology company houseandland.com.au.

Hammerschmidt led the creation of the Australian division of Bauer’s digital offering Xcel 

Since leaving Bauer, Hammerschimdt has been working a digital transformation consultant. Prior to his six year stint with the publisher he had working in roles with SBS, ACP, Nine and the NSW Government.

The appointment follows houseandland.com.au’s recent acquisition of a majority stake in online lending platform Joust.

Commenting on the appointment, Houseandland.com.au chairman, Chris Taylor, said: “We are excited to have Carl join as Houseandland.com.au’s CEO.

“He brings to the company extensive digital leadership experience, with a significant understanding of building businesses in complex environments, developing new income streams, and dealing with technological change and digital disruption.”

Hammerschmidt added: “Innovation and digital disruption are driving an enormous amount of change in the real estate and personal finance markets – houseandland.com.au and Joust.com.au are well-placed to take advantage of that.”

“I’m looking forward to working with the founders and their teams to realise this opportunity and growth in the future.”

Joust.com.au allows eligible consumers to pit lenders against each other to secure a lower interest rate on their home loan while Houseandland.com.au matches land and knockdown rebuild blocks to house designs from Australian builders, giving consumers the opportunity to develop a custom house and land package.

The Panel

Our Panelists Include 

Angela DiFabio

Head of Business Engagement at Flinders New Ventures Institute, Flinders University

Angela has a strong passion for business development in building and connecting business’s, linking people and creating new opportunities for capacity and growth.

Understanding blockchain’s potential for providing agency for the underserved, her paper ‘Inclusion is not just about Finance’ was submitted to the World Bank for their 2016 Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics, that explored using blockchain for providing identity and banking on a phone sim for the 2.5 billion unbanked.

As lead curator of the highly successful annual Flinders University’s ‘Current Directions’ Blockchain Symposium, these events present leading experts and use cases and showcase their work to promote and educate for the adoption and growth of blockchain in South Australia.


Kerry-Anne Palzewski

Senior Associate Lawyer at Jones Harley Toole | MBA Candidate | Blogger @the_innovative_lawyer

An MBA student and qualified senior lawyer with 8 years post-admission experience,  currently in the dynamic commercial law team at mid-sized firm Jones Harley Toole. She practices in all aspects of commercial law including liquor licensing, general commercial and property law and defence and space as well as playing a key role in implementing the firm's business strategy, business development and innovation activities.

She recently returned from living in Munich, Germany for 3 years working as a Consultant in the automotive industry - engaged on a legal and compliance project for the BMW Group in Munich and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Goodwood, England.

She is also completing an MBA at the Munich Business School, University of Applied Sciences - undertaking research on innovation in legal services for her  Master Thesis. I strongly believe that law firms need to continually adapt to the fast-changing business needs of their clients, especially in the current digital age. 

Blockchain: What it is and isn’t, and why it matters

"I do think there are a lot of folks who are saying, “Actually, maybe it’s not about the technology. But maybe there’s something around using blockchain as a banner to modernize an industry, to move an industry forward—and also to bring that industry closer together, to collaborate, to solve perennial problems—even if the eventual technology solution is not necessarily blockchain the way we think about, but it is much more around digitization and collaboration.” I think there are a lot of clients thinking in that space." 
Matt Higginson - Mackinsey partner

A quick intro to BlockChain 


Doors Open at 6.00pm and proceedings Kickoff at 7.15. There is plenty of action and plenty of time to catch up with others during breaks and we always leave an hour or so after dinner to foster Collaboration.

Of course you can come straight from work and catch up with others over a drink in the Bar at The Rob Roy Hotel in Halifax St in the City.

 and Here are some of our other events and those of our partners

Present Around the World (PATW) is an annual Institution of Engineering and Technology presentation competition in which students and young professionals give a 10 minute presentation on an engineering or technology subject of their choice (followed by a 5 minute question and answer session). The judging is split by 30% technical content and 70% presentation skills, enabling individuals at varying levels of their studies or career to participate.

The IET South Australia Present Around the World round for 2019 will be held over a dinner at the Rob Roy Hotel. Four competitors will give 10 minute presentations on a topic of their choosing, to which the judges will confer and select a winner.

Join us for Dinner at The Rob Roy Hotel on July 31st to check out some great pitches from Up and Coming Young Engineers.

You can vote for your favourite to win the Peoples Choice Award too!!

Hoping to see many more supporters of IITC at our partner -  Creative Revolutionaries next event.  Tom Hadju continues to bring a great array of people from around the world, the country and South Australia with valuable insights and messages for us all.
In June a great SA success story proving the tyranny of distance is over - running a very successful international fashion business from Adelaide.
And they are all FREE.
check out the videos of the past events at www.creative-revolutionaries.com


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