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At each of our events we encourage people to arrive early and leave late  taking the opportunity to meet others and explore opportunities to collaborate in some way around our stated purpose of driving SA forward..

To stimulate that we give people doing big bold things a chance to talk about what they do and for our regulars to take part in panels and to present their story and the benefits they are getting from attending in the past

The time has come to Celebrate South Australians who continue to drive Innovation and Entrepreneurship well beyond their 50s.


Successful entrepreneurs are middle-aged, not young,” according to Age and High-Growth Entrepreneurship, a paper by Pierre Azoulay and J. Daniel Kim of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, Benjamin Jones of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Javier Miranda of the Census Bureau’s Center for Administrative Records Research.

“We find that age indeed predicts success, and sharply, but in the opposite way that many observers and investors propose, they wrote. “The highest success rates in entrepreneurship come from founders in middle age and beyond.”


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Awards Presentation Event will be at the end of October


Our Events are ALL about
The People you Meet
The Conversations you start
The Connections you make

Our Special Guest

Our Panel 

We have a special Keynote presenter who will also launch the Awards
An expert panel lead by Chair Professor Tom Hajdu will discuss what they believe the criteria for the awards should be and allow for plenty of audience input and interaction

Tom Hajdu Entrepreneur / Professor / Composer


Tom's career connects leadership, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Tom is CEO of Disrupter, his US-based innovation company. Over several years, this company has developed a way to create deeper and more creative strategic technologies. This year Disrupter is launching uNET, a next generation network company.

Tom is Professor and Chair of Creative Technologies at the University of Adelaide where he is Director of the Sia Furler Institute advocating innovation and entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Arts.

He received a Distinguished Talent Visa from the Australian Federal Government and in his first 18 months as a resident, Tom led a key initiative that was adopted by the South Australian Government, which saw Adelaide become Australia’s first gigabit city and the first city in the world outside the US to join the US Ignite Gigabit Smart City Community. The South Australian Government appointed Tom to the role of Chief Innovator of South Australia from 2017 to 2018.

Tom co-founded tomandandy, in 1990, reshaping the role of music in film, television and advertising industries by introducing a new process that lowered music production costs to a fraction of previous levels while improving creative quality. Over the next decade, tomandandy became one of the largest music production companies in the world. He has collaborated with Oliver Stone, U2 and Lou Reed to name a few, he has worked with top brands such as Microsoft and Ford, as well as in film and TV Studios and best of breed advertising agencies worldwide.

Tom has sat on award juries and has spoken, chaired or given keynote speeches at the original TED Conference, CalTech/MIT Forum, DisruptSydney, Pepperdine University's first Disruption Conference as well as several universities worldwide about strategic innovation and is a member of Sydney University's Digital Disruption Research Group.

He received a PhD and MFA degree from Princeton University and Presidential MBA from Pepperdine University.

Conversations in The City

And as always we will have a brief chat with a few people making big things happen in SA

You never know who you might meet 


Arman Abrahimzadeh OAM is an Australian anti domestic violence campaigner.

Arman alongside his sisters, Atena and Anita, founded Zahra Foundation Australia in 2015. He is a former Australian representative in Taekwondo and works in design and construction. Arman and his family migrated to Australia from Iran in 1997. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a house wife.

Arman, his sisters, Atena and Anita, and their mother Zahra lived in an abusive home and in constant fear that their father, Ziaolleh, would harm or kill them. In 2009, they were forced to flee their family home, becoming homeless before being referred to domestic violence shelters. After 12 months of threats and stalking, on 21 March 2010, Ziaolleh finally carried out his threat and killed Zahra at the Adelaide Convention Centre in front of hundreds of witnesses.

Arman has been a key influential figure in shaping public policies and changes in legislation in relation to domestic violence in South Australia. He regularly speaks at forums discussing family violence and gender equality and he is involved with a number of not for profit groups in this sector.

He has been named 2015 Allan Sloane Young Citizen of The Year, 2016 Young Australian of The Year for South Australia, and the 2017 City of Charles Sturt Young Citizen of The Year.

Having been elected to the Adelaide City Council last year and with his qualifications in Architecture we will also talk about his visions for the City of Adelaide

We have chosen to work with the Zahra Foundation as our Top50Over50 Awards partner 

to support their Vision:

Instil HOPE and optimism in the lives of women and their children
Provide women and their children with a range of financial and educational OPPORTUNITIES
Build meaningful relationships and PARTNERSHIPS with the business and community sector



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